We are a lifestyle store that pushes the importance of the home, table, and garden to the forefront. It is a fusion of my passion for entertaining, food, cooking, and my absolute love of designing. After 2 plus decades of designing and after sharing a space with Natalie Silitch in 2019, it seemed like the right moment to open my own store.
On March 12, after weeks of dreaming, painting, hanging chandeliers and stocking our shelves with everything from pantry items to charcuterie boards, candles and so much more, we opened our doors. It was the most exciting day: a fantasy realized. 
Our excitement was short lived; we didn't realize how quickly things would change. After just four days, 
we had to close due to our states COVID stay-at-home order and weren't able to reopen for the next four months...

Since we've re-open, we have a new appreciation for brick and mortar stores and we have a deep love for our Annapolis community. We're so excited to have been able to re-open and to continue working with this great community. 

Our Story