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Cheddar Bread Pudding

April 27, 2020

I’ve been making a lot of bread lately. It feels comforting and so satisfying to see the end result. This little last minute dish was born from the leftover knobs of stale crusty bread, a handful of cheddar cheese and the end of a container of sour cream. It’s warm and cheesy and a little […]

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Garlic Chicken and Preserved Lemon

Chimichurri is a favorite around here. I was missing a lot of the ingredients but was determined to dip carrots and pita and pork through a garlicky green heaven. SO, while I had a ton of broccoli, I used it! It was a great hack and I’d do it again. Here is what I did […]

Chimichurri Fake Out

I love warm, crispy fritters. Today, in an effort to use every little bit and not be wasteful, I made carrot, zucchini fritters with feta.

Easy, crisp, warm, gushy and satisfying.

Combine shredded vegetables in a bowl with a handful of flour, 2-4 eggs, depending on qty. You want the mixture to be wet but not runny. Add handful of feta, 2,3 crushed garlic cloves, small palm of cumin, salt and pepper.

Heat pan with olive oil and dollop a mound or 2 at a time, pressing down to flatten into a patty. Let sizzle, brown and crisp before turning.

Once out and warm, sprinkle with a little smoked paprika, little, more salt and pepper, drizzle with your best green verdant olive oil & lime squeeze.

I added a garlic, cumin aioli on top for a creamy kick.To make add 2 table spoons of mayo, crushed clove of garlic, cumin, salt (maybe red pepper flakes if you like a little heat) and mix to set and serve with the fritter.

Day Fourteen: Fritters

I’m thinking about the world today, thinking about how and what everyone is doing. We are in, day one of self quarantine. What a word. Like so many, we’re waiting on the world to change. Unprecedented times call for digging deep and thinking in a new way. It’s time to circle the wagon, pull in […]

Day One

I had to make the hard decision today, to close the store for an unknown amount of time. Amid the rush and fear of COVID-19, it seems the only responsible thing to do. We’ve been open for four days to a great beginning and a dream come true. I felt like I could practically will […]

Heart and Soul

It’s so hard to believe!!!! We are open!!! A labor of love to say the least. We’ve been in here creating, unboxing, painting, working and crying a bit, if I’m honest. Will they come? Will they buy? Will this be a success?? I have to do it. I’ve dreamt of this for years and fear or not, ready or not, It’s time to peel the brown paper from the windows and throw that door open.

Last three photos by Olivia Reed Photo

We’re Open!

What’s the saying? “a picture is worth a thousand words.” We were lucky enough to be a part of this pre – nuptial shoot today. This latin beauty in stunning white shimmer, a heart full of love and a head full of dreams, married her handsome Maryland groom. What a way to kick off the […]

A Romantic Afternoon

Incredibly excited to share some images of our project. We’re renovating again, working on a new house in shades of white and black. We’ve stripped floors, painted them white, stripped stairs, some doorways and windows and painted them black. It’s a white box feeling I have always wanted to live in. I’ll post updated pictures […]

A Study in Black & White

photo by Olivia Reed Photo

I’ve been working on a dream for some time now. We’re opening the door of Vignette Home Table Garden soon. We are all about the eclectic home; lived in and well loved. We’re packing to the brim a lifestyle that includes the notion that gathering, entertaining, cooking and sharing a meal is one of the best things in life. That filling your home with what you love and the people you love, is everything.

Here are a few pics of whats going on behind the scenes on 53 Maryland Avenue. We’re in the Historic District of Annapolis on the cutest bricked street, lodged between the Naval Academy and State Circle. The Avenue is loaded with everything from antique shops and design shops, to cozy coffee joints, vintage books, fresh flowers, wine and cheese, hip clothes and accessories and the best place to pull up a bar stool “for a pint”, in town. Stay tuned for opening!!!

Photo by Olivia Reed Photo
Photo by Olivia Reed Photo

It’s Happening…