Day One

March 29, 2020

I’m thinking about the world today, thinking about how and what everyone is doing. We are in, day one of self quarantine. What a word. Like so many, we’re waiting on the world to change. Unprecedented times call for digging deep and thinking in a new way. It’s time to circle the wagon, pull in the proverbial “welcome mat” and dive towards a center of family, thought, and gratefulness. Most importantly how to remain in a state of positivity, calm, and creativity. As per usual, I’m rummaging through the pantry & fridge, trying to figure out what to make, what to preserve, what to create out of random things. This is a new thought process for me.

Last Sunday night we had dinner with friends, I didn’t realize at the time we were all headed for a shut down, a sit-in, 6 ‘ separation. It was a fall-apart pork roast, slow cooked all day in garlic, oregano, cumin & lime, to mound with a slaw of hot sweet carrot slaw & warm tortillas. Add fresh avocados, cilantro, a sharp hunk of Manchego and a salad with lemon, lime vinaigrette…

By Tuesday, it was rather clear a little careful planning was going to be important and luxurious meals were going to have to wait. Good leftovers though, had to make up for a lot. Quesadillas to freeze will start off this brave new kitchen. I added a handful of arugula, the roasted pork, cumin, smoked paprika, lime squeeze, a sautéed small onion, and the remnants of Manchego grated in. Maximum indulgent flavor for these small bites, will make us drool a little later. Stack them with parchment in between and freeze. Throw them in a 325 oven, they will thaw and be crispy and you will be happy.

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