It’s Happening…

March 29, 2020

photo by Olivia Reed Photo

I’ve been working on a dream for some time now. We’re opening the door of Vignette Home Table Garden soon. We are all about the eclectic home; lived in and well loved. We’re packing to the brim a lifestyle that includes the notion that gathering, entertaining, cooking and sharing a meal is one of the best things in life. That filling your home with what you love and the people you love, is everything.

Here are a few pics of whats going on behind the scenes on 53 Maryland Avenue. We’re in the Historic District of Annapolis on the cutest bricked street, lodged between the Naval Academy and State Circle. The Avenue is loaded with everything from antique shops and design shops, to cozy coffee joints, vintage books, fresh flowers, wine and cheese, hip clothes and accessories and the best place to pull up a bar stool “for a pint”, in town. Stay tuned for opening!!!

Photo by Olivia Reed Photo
Photo by Olivia Reed Photo

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