Smothered Salmon

March 21, 2021

Ok so you’re probably saying “salmon again?”. Yup. Sorry. You know my love affair with this fish.. this one smothered under roasted charred sun dried tomatoes, basil garlic pesto dripping over the sides, vinegary artichoke hearts, roasted ( slightly crunchy ) chickpeas, bursting fresh grape tomatoes, the pop of sizzled capers, soft roasted garlic cloves, a little crunchy panko crumbs here and there, hints of warm lemon and feta and verdant cilantro… and that’s not even mentioning the salmon underneath. Roasted, tender, crispy edges, soft pink flesh in the center. It’s a meal in one dish. Scoop it out and put it on a soft baguette slathered with the roasted garlic and hummus, squeeze that warm lemon on top.

Oven hot: 425. Line a cast iron or a baking sheet, with parchment paper. Place the fish. Don’t worry if it doesn’t perfectly fit. No one cares and the ends will get a little crispier!

Now it’s all in the layering. Think art. Think color and texture, think pretty. I sprinkle garlic powder, smoked paprika, olive oil drizzle and thin sliced lemon on the fish, then drop dollops of homemade or store bought pesto over the fish, but not the whole fish. I kind of diagonal all the good stuff over the fish, leaving ends just fish, lemon and spices. Then add the rest of the goodness, spilling over the fish and into the pan. Add a cut-in-half head of garlic. Don’t forget to add a little olive spray to the tips and tops of things that need it. Place in hot oven, let cook till it firms up then pop on the broiler. Don’t walk away..let the caramelizing start. The lemon rinds, sun dried tomatoes, garlic will start to toast and brown, tips of the salmon will get a little crispy under the heat. It’s worth the watch and the wait.

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